Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret Class


Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret Class

Donated by: Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret

Donated by: Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret

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One free six-week improv course. This certificate is good for a Six-Week Beginning Improvisation Course at Stevie Ray's School of Improv Learn to think on your feet, be more comfortable in on-the-spot situations, or just have a great stress release. For people who can act 18 and older. To redeem, go to and clink on Classes for information and a schedule of classes. If the upcoming class doesn't work for you, click on Register Now and select to be notified of new classes. You will receive an e-mail notice for each new class. When you are ready to join, just register online. This certificate is valid for new students only.

A note from Crown of Glory Lutheran Church: Our annual online auction is raising money to support our programs, serving the community as a whole as an inclusive and welcoming home to all. We greatly appreciate all of you participating in these important programs, and we wish you good luck with your bids! Thank you! Note: some items are donated at a reduced price from 3rd party sites (e.g. the larger trips). These we receive 40-80% of your donation (still amazing and amazing trip for you!). Also, all tangible items must be picked up at Crown of Glory in Chaska, MN.

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